Apocalyptic Solace Single Release

MASTIV’s new single ‘Apocalyptic Solace’ is symbolic of the times we live in. Their current offering is a beacon of light sent to cut through the current fear and loathing in a world where ‘our leaders have betrayed us,’ and ‘the apocalypse is near’. With a Mad Max mash-up of their signature Metal sound. ‘Apocalyptic Solace’ arrives in numerous fiery forms with remixes in the style of EDM and Hip Hop. Each mix expands and contorts the track, stretching an already high octane, high energy track; to the edge of every possible existence. From the hard hitting original version to the digital sounds of the “Electric Solace Mix” to the somber, subtle and philosophical ‘Bring The Apocalypse Mix’ feat Rapper Jess The Facts. 

Apocalyptic Solace is featured on Mastiv’s upcoming full length album ‘Embrace Brutality’ due Spring 2022. The release of the single ‘Apocalyptic Solace’ is monumental. Each version is equally both distinct and similar. An overall tone and atmosphere of pure energy and rage in each offering, the track begins mellow and implodes into an organic fireball that crescendos into a crash of anger, rage, and pure passion- all elements symbolic of the ingredients one would expect from Las Vegas, NV based powerhouse MASTIV. 

Release Date December 10th 2021

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